Lorenz's site

Welcome to my website!
Im Lorenz, currently a software engineering student at TU Graz, working part-time at Siemens.
Here I will maybe, sometime in the future, if my motivation persists share writeups about some of the topics I am currently interested in. Those include, without claim to completeness: cyber ethics, music, climbing, linux desktop setups, politics, architecture, etc etc.
I also plan on publishing some of my favourite bookmarks and my personal RSS-feed. Here, you can find my Spotify, give my playlists a listen and send me new music!

I know, you are probably thinking why anyone should care about any of this. Well, you should not. This site is partly inspired by the idea of a Small Web, and this link should explain my sentiment.

Current Segments


I would like to thank my OS-Teammates, who gifted me this domain and thus inspired me to build this site. <3