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The Small Web from Lorenz's eyes

Todays internet is a big, evergrowing pile of shit. Google search has been rendered useless by computer generated articles, pinterest clickfarms and mass produced Medium articles. Behind a wall of animations and visual gimmicks made with the help of obscene amounts of Javascript-Frameworks lies very SEO-optimized content, with very little actual infomation or value for a real human. I could go on and on about this, but those are just some examples of what annoys me about todays internet experience. Everything is overbloated with features and animations that not only no one needs, but also destroy the user experience. And in the background, the services offering these sites monopolize, removing control not only from the individual content creator, but also the content consumer. The countermovement to this is the Small Web. Self-hosted sites created not for maximizing statistics, but for enjoying sharing information and ideas. My first impulse for this came from Ben Hoyt’s The Small Web is beautiful.
Most important for me is that my website is not made for reaching a lot of people, even any at all. I want to put myself and my ideas out there, and lose my fear of being in the public eye, but if no one cares for what I do, thats fine. I do this for myself.
This will also not necessarily be the best information you have ever read about a respective topic. And that is also not a problem at all.