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Lorenz's favourite reads

In this section I would like to present to my dear readers a list of my personal favourites from the far corners of the world wide web.

The Red Hand Files Issue #218

Nick Cave on how the human experience shapes art and how AI lacks exactly that.


Grueling documentation of the events in Warsaw in late 1944. The witnesses accounts might be some of the most heart-wrenching words I have ever come across. For example one about human shields or a 13 year olds diary entries


Curious collection of jugoslaw monuments and historical sights. Personal highlights include the Jasenovac spomenik, one I stumbled across on our balkan-roadtrip in the summer 2023 or a list of President Titos Villas.


Collection of very detailed information about the himalaya. Probably most interesting to mountaineers, but I find the information and maps presented to be very neat, even without that context.